Google VPN Hiding In Android 5.1

In the ever increasing mobile world, procuring yourself on an open network is never an easy task. But with a lot of privacy concerns arising, it is not surprising that Google is already headed to that arena. Google VPN has been seen lurking in the Android 5.1. And although it is not functional yet, Google VPN will secure a user’s device even when accessing public Wi-Fi. There is also a possibility that Google will make this feature regular.

VPN For Privacy
An app called Google Connectivity Services is deeply found in Android 5.1. However, launching this app is not an easy task. To locate this app, one has to go to Settings> Apps and scroll until he finds the app, which occupies 4.92MB. Pocketables, being the first to come across the new service, used a secondary app to come up with a shortcut icon on the home screen.

Once the user successfully opens the app, Google allows you to link to an open network through a VPN for privacy. The user will be able to see the pop-up “Google VPN.” This pop-up features the “learn more” and “got it” options, but since the feature is not fully functional, one will be directed to a Google support page. Currently, the app stops short of allowing you to set up a VPN. The whole framework is however in place.

If a user clicks on the “got it” option he will be taken to VPN connection request window. The user will then be asked whether he wants the Wi-Fi assistant to put up VPN connection, which allows it to monitor traffic network. One will also be asked to only accept if they trust the source. This ensures that you are not forced to open applications.



Although Pocketables was not able to use Google VPN in an open network, the fact that VPN for privacy is in Android 5.1 is a clear indicant that Google will launch this functionality. It is only that no one knows the exact time. There is also a possibility that this feature is a left-over which may never launch. This is interesting though.

Public Wi-Fi hotspots can be troublesome as unauthorized individuals can gain access to your data. This explains why data security needs to be prioritized in this ever-increasing mobile world. Google might have acknowledged this fact, evidenced by their VPN for privacy feature in Android 5.1. And although this feature is not fully functional, let us hope that they will work on it soon. In the meantime, let’s enjoy the brand new Android 5.1 as there is nothing official yet.