Android 5.1 Secret- Google VPN

Android 5.1 Lollipop has a bit of mystery: it shrouds Google’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) in its overlays.

With security concerns picking up footing, it is no amaze that Google VPN has changed into the most recent Android 5.1. In the event that you’re pondering what the brouhaha is about, having a VPN will keep a client’s gadget secure regardless of the fact that they are getting to open Wi-Fi.

Since VPN is accessible in Android 5.1, there is an in number probability that Google will make this a customary peculiarity. Then again, it is at present not practical.

Pocketables was the first to experience the new framework application named “Google Connectivity Services” on a Nexus 6 that was running the most recent Android 5.1 Lollipop redesign.

To spot the application, a client basically needs to explore to Settings > Apps and span to the same, which involves 4.92MB. Nonetheless, Google Connectivity Services is just visible on the rundown. Pocketables suggests a couple of traps. Once dispatched, the client will see the pop-up “Google VPN.” This pop-up peruses: “To help secure you on open Wi-Fi systems, your information will be transmitted safely through a Google VPN.”

The pop-up has the “take in more” and “got it” choices. Be that as it may, since the gimmick is presently not useful, one gets diverted to a bolster page from Google.

On the other hand, if one clicks on “got it,” you are taken to the consistent VPN association demand window. You are then inquired as to whether you would like the Wi-Fi right hand to set up a VPN association “that permits it to screen system activity.” One is likewise inquired as to whether they believe the source.