Find Out More About VPNs

Most people prefer using VPNs when browsing since it enables them to bypass location restrictors whilst streaming movies, or any other related content from the web. However, before spending money on VPNs that promise server availability in multiple locations, ensure that they are actually telling the truth and not just trying to sell their service.

Most service providers offer users a trial period, within which time one can sample the security package being presented and cancel if the system doesn’t work as per their demand. Otherwise, thereafter you may be billed after the initial month as a premium VPNs subscriber. This is the only opportunity one has in determining whether anonymity servers live up to their international status, even in countries like UK, Germany or Australia, and are not just proxies or worse still, U.S. IP addresses named after random cities around the world.

Find Out More About VPNs

Recently, administrators at SlickVPN posted a story on their blog that reminds people the simplest ways of accessing the vapor of any VPNs exit server are tools which have been with us all this time, actually since the internet started. Some of which include ping and traceroute. If you have technical expertise, then there are certain traceroutes/pings that can be used to determine where a gateway is exactly located.

It’s yet another step that can be taken in ensuring your VPNs is trustworthy before giving any service provider monthly payments. If you want Internet anonymity on a global scale, then it’s far much easier to spin up an effective package on Amazon Web Services or any other Virtual Private System (VPS) provider. Simply download an OpenVPN for free, install and become a VPNs expert just like that. You can then use this privilege to charge other Internet users at more affordable rates, than what they would normally get in other commercial service providers. Some of these people think by paying monthly subscription fees they are entitled to secure, multi-site Internet VPNs, though in essence what they are getting is a leaky tunnel which can be accessed by any skilled Internet user.

Apart from this step, you can also check reviews; look through the VPNs contract termination and billing policy as well as logging and data recovery procedures. They are all crucial in ensuring that your privacy and security is guaranteed when using virtual private networks (VPNs), including surety of getting the basic services you paid for.

Generally, users are advised to be careful since some service providers may not necessarily have their best interests at heart. Since you are totally depending on them for connection security, ensure that everything is encrypted to protect browser activity from prying eyes within the company. You must be connected to their main network and servers, such that when they say the IPs exit point is in a foreign country like Norway, for example, it’s really there and the VPNs firm is not just trying to obscure information for its own personal gains.

Basically, not all commercial VPNs are worth your time and trust since some have been known to log into people’s connection times, IP addresses and dates. While also keeping track of their login duration. Some further keep an eye on the traffic one sends through their network while logged in. They’ll claim that this is done to prevent users from engaging in illegal cyber activities, or any other actions that could potentially damage their network. However, that kind of snooping certainly goes against the entire purpose of using VPNs.

The best service providers keep track of as few data log information as possible, and are not even interested in knowing what you do when connected online. After all, the sole purpose why people pay for VPNs is for privacy and web security. Thus if they keep their own browsing data secretively, then they are essentially the weak link in your chain of anonymity.


When determining whether certain international exit servers are worth trying or not, the first thing to contemplate on is why you want this service in the first place. Additionally, do your homework by researching more about the VPNs company, especially when it comes to free service providers. Remember that even those free providers have to make some money for their daily operations, and if this is not coming from premium plans or data usage limits. After which one has to pay a certain amount. Then the funding is probably made off your data login activity, which can be used for marketing purposes in outsourcing companies.

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