NexGen To Deliver World’s Fastest Mobile VPN Solution

VTX Holdings, soon be named as NexGen Networks, has announced that they have built the fastest VPN app in the world to provide enhanced browsing speeds and minimal data consumption for users. Notably, the Mobile VPNs offer will include both privacy protection services and geographical masking for customers. With increased speeds, privacy protection and data saving plans which mark a key point of departure from other virtual private networks that are available in the market.

This technology will enable users to access data which was previously unavailable within their area of residence, demonstrating an enhanced user-experience and competitive advantage when browsing the net. Currently, there’s a significant market opportunity for Mobile VPNs service with millions of already active users around the world. This technology has allowed individuals to stream video content previously inaccessible to them because of geographical barriers.

The company continues refining its monetization strategy with more research ongoing to establish an even more convincing offering for both clients and enterprise markets. This downloadable app will go by the initials “NGN,” and shall feature special infrastructure to give customers a range of cutting-edge international networks which can be used at free will. NexGen has also partnered with key network providers around the world, to help with secondary Mobile VPNs connections and relocation of IP addresses for those who are interested in these particular services.

Company director, Keaton Wallace, has said that adding extra features has significantly enhanced target market. Customers continue demanding for the ability of their Mobile VPNs to access foreign content outside the country, and that’s exactly what they get with NGN app. Though there are other virtual private network firms in the industry, none of them provides this level of high performance connectivity with low data consumption.


The key benefit of customers using this Mobile VPNs service would be ability to utilize their privacy settings holistically, without encountering downtime which is usually experienced with such programs. In essence, users would be able to experience better video streaming services with reduced data consumption rate.

NexGen has come up with a cutting-edge software technology that uses modern customized algorithms, all in a bid to optimize data flow between different devices and facilitate faster speeds on the existing hardware systems. The potential of delivering such high quality Mobile VPNs will market this company as the next generation of custom virtual based technologies, given their ability to redirect data through personal proprietary servers. Consequently delivering faster and more efficient data usage plans for users via the available infrastructure system. Due to its immense properties, broadband traffic for countries which will be using this technology is expected to double within the next few years. With it, customers can mask their physical locations and also safeguard privacy by thwarting 3rd parties from tracking their web activities.

This application is set to be launched on November 2015 for Android OS smartphones, and a month later for those which run on iOS. As for now, VTX acquisition of the NexGen Company is still subject to shareholder approval, with firm directors expected to lodge an official Notice of Meeting within the coming few weeks.

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