Online Video Streaming – An Alternative To TV Viewing

An alternative to television viewing that is growing very fast is the Internet video streaming service. This has been made possible by the high rate of Internet penetration. According to MyRepublic, a local Internet service provider in Singapore, online video streaming, which includes YouTube content, contributes to as much as 60 percent of their total web traffic as of now. Likewise, more than 50 percent of the online traffic (as far as the broadband network of the Internet service provider ViewQwest is concerned) is because of users that access Netflix content.

Sandvine, a US research firm, noted in a report they published early September that music and video streaming, also referred to as “real-time entertainment,” is responsible for driving 47 percent of the online traffic in the Asia-Pacific region. The number is much higher in the United States with 68.9 percent recorded in May. Netflix alone makes up for 36.5 percent of all the downstream Internet traffic in the US.

In August this year, DirecTV reported that in the second quarter it lost as many as 133,000 subscribers, nearly 100,000 more compared to the loss in subscription reported in the same quarter last year. Moffett Nathanson, a research firm, noted that as many as 566,000 subscribers left the paid TV industry during the period.

Long-term trend


Actually, the industry has been experiencing this trend for some time now. In fact, Nielsen had reported a significant increase in the number of subscribers for subscription-based on-demand video services in 2014. These are the people or households subscribing for services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. The numbers are not very high when compared with the homes that are connected to the cable television service, but there is a significant growth in number of subscribers for video and music streaming services. In fact, the numbers suggest that the shift is happening at a faster-than-expected speed.

Good VPN Service

In order to have a great experience with video streaming services, it is important to have a good VPN connection. This can be attributed to the fact a VPN can connect a person’s Internet network even to services that may not be available because of geographic distances. A VPN service links the connection that is coming from a computer network or other streaming devices to the server of the VPN provider, prior to redirecting it to the final location, such as Netflix. This makes Netflix believe that the origination of the connection is from the place where the VPN provider’s server is located. As a result, the video streaming service provider refrains from blocking access as it assumes that the request is from a local user.

However, a good VPN service cannot be assumed to be universal. For example, a VPN service might provide access to the servers in the US and not to the servers in China. Therefore, a user interested in accessing China streaming services such as PPTV will have to have the subscription to a VPN service that allows him/her to do so.

It is legitimate to use a VPN service, but various methods of obtaining the service are now available. Some ISPs offer built-in VPN services. Customers can also pay for a number of third-party VPN services on the Internet. Typically, these are provided as apps or browser extensions. Prices for a VPN service ranges from $7 to $12 for a month.

Online Video Streaming

People who do not want to deal with a good VPN service offered on the Internet can go for a VPN set-top box. This device should be plugged into the modem provided by the ISP in order to gain access to a good VPN service quickly.

Good VPN Service – Factors to Consider

The primary reason as to why people move to a good VPN service is to access geo-restricted streaming content. This is not surprising at all because people can gain access to the streaming content from a country by connecting to VPN provider’s server located in the country whose streaming media content is geo-restricted. In addition to gaining access to the geo-restricted content, people can also enjoy other benefits such as security and privacy when using a VPN service.

Therefore, one of the aspects that users need to ensure when subscribing to a VPN service is that the provider is maintaining servers in the country whose streaming they want to watch. Another key aspect to be considered is network speed. This is because constant pauses for buffering issues often affect the users’ viewing experience. VPN may slow down your Internet connection, but with a good VPN service this performance problem may not be an issue at all.

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