The Growth Of Mobile VPNs

Wireless Internet connectivity has become relevant during the last few years. This is mainly due to the need for a lower cost access and integrated connectivity in devices such as tablets, laptops and smartphone. As technology keeps evolving, wireless internet is becoming a viable option for remote employees. Business and government entities are building remote Internet access capabilities into their operating fabrics. Employees are now using their mobile devices to make transactions directly at customer worksites. These transactions need to be secure. Even though there are a number of mobile security technologies, mobile virtual private network technology happens to be the most effective given the fact that it allows organizations to enhance their productivity and at the same time operate more efficiently and effectively by providing a secure and persistent connection for remote workers.

Why Mobile VPNs
How VPNs and MVPNs work

A virtual private network is created by creating a virtual tunneling protocols or virtual point to point connection through the use of dedicated connections. VPNs make it possible for users to send and receive files as if they are connected on the internet. Users get the privilege of security, functionality and management policies of the private network as it enables them to send and receive data across the shared network. Mobile VPNs is a type of VPN with particular features designed to provide secure connectivity and persistence over wireless networks. There are other technologies that provide the same functionality but these VPNs unify persistence and security features into a single product built for wireless coverage.

Back in the year 2010, the global VPN product market was valued at $160 million in revenue with an annual growth rate of 18.4%. Within the same year, the two vertical markets for mobile VPN products were telecommunications segment and the government segment. Both of these sectors have a larger number of remote employees with access to sensitive information and also large field service teams. The market for mobile VPNs is forecasted to show a large solid growth in the years to come.

Why Mobile VPNs

There are a number of motivations to an increased growth in demand of Mobile VPNs in the market.

1. The internet is fast becoming popular for conducting online business. Hackers and fraudsters have noted this and there are an increased number of Internet attacks. Mobile devices are not immune to these attacks and that is the reason why both organizations and consumers are looking for products to secure their transactions both which have been conducted within and outside of the business.
2. Mobility is reported to increase the workers’ productivity but organizations are also becoming concerned with the way hackers are accessing the organizations, network posing as remote workers. Cyber criminals have shown the increased vulnerabilities of hotspots and other unsecured connections.
3. Hackers are constantly looking for new vulnerabilities and the mobile devices seem to be their new loophole.

mobile-securityAdvantages of Mobile VPNs

1. Allows administrations to improve productivity and operate efficiently and effectively.
2. It ensures that remote workers get secure and constant connections from wherever they are.
3. Employees are now capable of using their mobile devices to perform their transactions to the worksites while the mobile VPNs offers secure transaction and connectivity.


1. Budget concern – considering there was a global economy in 2008 and companies are yet to recover fully, IT administrators are still hesitant to spend on new security technologies.
2. The need to support a number of operating systems. This would not be too much hassle back in the days but today, there are a number of operating systems in the market ranging from Android, Windows, Mac and iPhone. Mobile VPN vendors will have to struggle to offer solutions for all these platforms.
3. Consumer’s confusion – some consumers are still confused whether there is any necessity for mobile security solutions.


Considering the level at which mobile technologies are developing with the evolution of network technology, there is still need for an increased security solution. Companies are working across the clock to ensure that they increase productivity but this cannot be effective with a whack security. It is therefore paramount that while organizations are adopting mobile technology to increase the workers’ productivity, they should also adopt mobile VPNs for their security and constant connection solution. Therefore, if an organization is really serious about their mobile network security, Mobile VPNs is the way to go.

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