The New Speed Testing Tool For VPNs

Whether you want to stream Netflix in your locality or extend your private network to an overseas location, the speed of VPNs is a factor that determines the quality of the service. A new tool that is capable of monitoring the upload as well as download speeds of VPNs around the world is now available for FREE! In addition to testing the speed, the tool lists the details of servers of each service provider so that you can easily find out as to which connection is best suited to your specific VPN needs.


As a new user loads the testing tool, a popup screen on the site greets him/her with a welcome message which says that it is the world’s first localized speed testing tool for VPNs. This tool, sponsored by Private Internet Access along with six other providers, was developed over a period of two years. The site is now accepting donations. The site displays at the top a list of social media networks that users can use to share the news about the new tool.

According to the site, a few servers have been set up by them in several locations across Europe, North America and Australia and a number of robots, intelligent software programs, keep checking the Internet speed of the VPNs at their servers on an hourly basis throughout the day. The robots update the speed data on to a centralized database. Another robot gleans the database with the help of a machine learning algorithm to send accurate information about speed of different VPNs to a server. The accuracy of the results provided is dependent on the amount of data received by the database. The site claims that the accuracy of the speed information it provides currently is more than 90 percent and that by the end of the year the accuracy is expected to be 99 percent.

The website displays a list of VPNs and territories on the left side of the browser window so that the Internet speed of the provider can be tested on almost real time basis. If you don’t find the name of your favorite VPNs, you can send a request to add their names. The location of the servers of VPNs are displayed as blue spheres on a world map that appears on the screen. The download speed of a server is indicated as a numeric value on the sphere. If you double click on a sphere, you can find out the upload and download details of the server. Further, you can zoom in/out of the map with the help of the mouse wheel. To pan around the world map, you just have to click the wheel.

As far as supported VPNs are concerned, Private Internet Access is the default provider. Other providers included in the list are VPN-S, Black VPN, VyprVPN, Liquid VPN, Invisible Browsing VPN, TorGuard, Cactus, IP Vanish VPN, ExpressVPN, HideMyAss and CyberGhost. Locations for speed testing include two each in the US, Singapore, London, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Sydney, Frankfurt, Toronto and Sao Paulo in Brazil.

All said and done, the new tool helps Internet users to obtain valuable information needed to choose the VPNs that best suits their needs. There is no doubt about the fact that privacy is an important aspect to be considered when choosing VPNs. However, speed is also equally important, especially if video needs to be streamed. The new speed testing tool VPNs enables users to compare the performance of VPNs in one sitting as server information is updated every hour.

The news about the new speed testing tool for VPNs comes in at a time when Netflix has launched a drive to identify users who are making use of VPNs as well as proxies to stream content to geographic territories that do not enjoy licensing rights.

Netflix has vowed to strengthen its unblocker and proxy detection capability with immediate effect. However, Netflix noted that the detection technology would continue to evolve and would not cause any kind of hamper to members who do not make use of proxies. https://www.vpnify.me/

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