Using VPN Services To Keep You Safe Online

VPN services demonstrate its significance in the technological era we are in today. While the internet provides a mass amount of useful data and presents communication that is faster and easier than ever, it also comes accompanied by major threats.

Main Threats in the Internet

Originally, the internet was designed for data transfer among trusted sources. It was highly resilient against nuclear attacks and external threats. However, the designing lacked insider threats protection from malicious users and network peers. Through the quick process of Internet development, insider threats have been identified, and some components updated to mitigate them. These efforts have entirely focused on small scale adversaries.

Email, for instance, remains to be notoriously broken against strong adversaries. HTTPS protocol was initially designed to protect Internet users against MitM, eavesdropping and also authenticate sites. But, the launched security depends on a hierarchic system of trusted certificate authorities and remains vulnerable to strong adversaries. Currently, VPNs are the only proven models of mitigating every online attack. Thus, it is advisable to employ VPN services to remain secure on any virtual web interface.

What are the main threats?
What are the main threats
Spyware: This is installed secretly without a user’s authorization when a commercial pop-up is clicked, or a file is downloaded. It can monitor your keystrokes, reset your auto signature, read, scan and delete your files, reformat your hard drive and access your applications.

Malware: Launches adverts, especially in the form of pop-ups. They are customized to users, based on their behavior on the internet. The behavior is monitored by spyware.

Phishing: Here, personal data such as credit card details and passwords are acquired on a fraudulent basis. It is achieved when official looking emails are sent, impersonating a trusted sender.

Pharming: This one is high-tech, where DNS system is exploited by pharmers who then create fake websites impersonating real ones. The pharmers go on to collect data from users who are made to think they are communicating with a certain source.

Keyloggers: These are designed to record the keystrokes of users. It allows online criminals to get bits of information that can be used for intellectual property theft or identity.

Important Aspects of Opting for VPN Services

Credible VPN services are designed to achieve two major technical results. First, it manipulates your IP address and makes you look like you are signed in from a different location. Secondly, it encrypts and cloaks your signal thereby making what you do online completely illegible to all eavesdroppers. Note: no VPN can be exploited. While this technology will slow your bandwidth by at least 25%, there are plenty of reasons to cloak and change your IP address.
VPN services
Upload and Download P2P Files in Privacy: Music and movie associations especially MPAA detest P2P files sharing. The authorities nab offenders by eavesdropping on your ISP signal or masquerading as fellow sharers. With VPN services, you are well protected. It ciphers your file uploads and downloads and hides your real IP address to make you unidentifiable.

Bypass your country’s content surveillance and website censorship: There are nations that choose to impose oppressive web censorship. Hence, the VPN services conceals your activity from government eavesdropping.

Public Wi-Fi Security: Most users are oblivious to the fact that Wi-Fi hotspots on public spaces are not too safe to access personal data. True to it; everything done on public Wi-Fi is a primary subject to eavesdropping. Even a novice computer user can easily intercept your data on an unprotected network. This is a major reason to protect your data with a credible and professional VPN services provider.

Unblock Hulu, Netflix and more: As a result of regional restrictions, Hulu, Pandora and Netflix services become inaccessible to users outside US borders. It means that if you travel to work or stay abroad, you will not access your favorite programming. Once your IP address is filtered, you cannot access what you need. Thus, the VPN services will assist in masking your IP address and makes it appear as if you are residing in the USA.

Bypass a Restrictive Network: As a company’s employee or a university student, you will be subject to web acceptable use policy. Many organizations go ahead to impose draconian restrictions on sites such as Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or Yahoo access. What VPN does is that it tunnels you out of the restrictive network to an otherwise restricted web service. Your VPN browsing content is in this instance in-deciphered and scrambled to the administrator so that your records are not recorded.

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